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Price: 3.300 eur per person

The only equestrian tour in Slovenia where you can experience also the most important highlights of the country. Best choice for all horse lovers who come in Slovenia for the first time.


Price: 1.560 eur per person

Ride on the scenic Karst Plateau of Slovenia, discovering ancient caves and castles as well as having the chance to visit the home of the Lipizzaner horse - Lipica. If you're lucky you may even spot a bear on an evening's trip.


Starting at: 880 eur per person

Discover the history of Slovenia whilst visiting a number of beautiful castles in the area. Ride along scenic paths and through forests, and sample the fantastic local wines.  This short break is ideal for those who wish to explore the area but don't have time for the full week-long trail.


Starting at: 690 eur per person

This short-break is perfect for adventurous wildlife lovers. Spend the night in a cottage deep within the forest, in the bear country. Your guide can teach you how to track wildlife, how to navigate using a map and compass, and how to survive in the forest. You can also learn how to shoot a bow or rifle if you wish.

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